Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rowan disappointment...And subsequent approval

I ordered enough Rowena Polar to knit up a nice cozy sweater for fall before it's gone for good...And the color I wanted according to the online swatches was zucchini green...A vibrant springy green with yellows and a beautiful brightness..Well, it came in the mail yesterday and the color swatch wasn't even CLOSE to accurate...It's a much darker, richer color...And not nearly so vibrant...

At first, I was very disappointed and upset because I bought it on sale and can't return it...But after showing it to my husband (who likes this color better than the swatch anyway) and looking at it in better light, it's growing on me. It's not what I had in mind, but I'm learning to love it. Plus, polar is such a fabulously light and wonderful fiber...I just love it already and want to buy more!

But I'm limiting myself till it goes on MEGA sale or something because my yarn budget is through the roof right now.

Still working on the one skein wonder for me...I ended up frogging all I had done yesterday (about 1/2 way finished) because I kept dropping stitches while trying to pick up other ones...So I gave up and ripped it out...Oh well...This time I'm just being extra careful...No more paying attention to people and television while knitting LOL

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My knight in knitted armor

I drug my husband to the local fiber arts store today because I finally convinced myself to spent $26 on a pair of Addi Turbo needles (size 17, 24 inch) because I managed to find at least 2 projects to justify them...As we were walking around I kept showing him really lush yarns in bright, vibrant colors in the hopes of enticing him to attempt knitting. He had mentioned wanting to learn a few months ago but his thrill petered out and he forgot about it.

So I showed him the misty baby alpaca in a lush, earthy green...And he fell in love...So we picked out a hat pattern he could handle (which I have in a book at home already) and I'm gonna teach him to knit!

I'm so excited...The thrill of making something for yourself out of a beautiful fiber....It just can't be matched...

In other news, I also picked up a lovely mohair to knit up a quick cowl/shawl/wrap thing in the summer edition of Interweave Knits....Which helped justify the needles.

Friday, June 24, 2005

so much for my beautiful green one skein wonder

Yup...got it finished to the point of adding the ribbing...and tried it on to see how it fit...WAY too small...my arms look like they are being squeezed out of a sausage casing...so, I started another one (though I wanted to be able to wear it to a party tomorrow...that probably won't happen...I don't have 5 hours between now and then) and I'll either give the too-small green one to my tiny sister, or sell it I guess... :-/

Ah well, I've learned a lesson about actually testing for guage I suppose lol

Finished projects of the past...

Unfortunatly I don't have pictures of all of the projects I've finished...I taught myself to knit last November...and many of my early projects were Christmas presents...so no pictures of those...

but I do have a pic of an enlarged knit kitty I made a few months ago (I gave my mom the traditional apple sized one) and the iPod cozy I made for my husband shortly after Christmas...

Split second knits

Gotta love these remarkably simple knit patterns that only take a matter of hours to go from hank to article of clothing!

I'm working on the One Skein Wonder from glampyre knits...I started it on Wednesday night, and despite a sort of dropped stitch issue at about midnight last night (which I dreamed about, and subsequently woke with the answer for) should be able to finish it in about an hour today.

As soon as I finish, I'll post a picture...And then I'll begin another one in purple for my friend Sara...To replace the felted purse I made for her, but doubled the bottom somehow (making the item sad and disfigured) and therefore never felted. It will only be about 6 months late for her birthday LOL

For my little shrug-let I'm using Cascade 220 in a fresh green apple color...And since I have an abundance of this particular yarn, I'll likely make several in several different colors...Though I would like to make a black one in misty alpaca or Debbie bliss cotton alpaca for dressy occasions, and perhaps embellish with some beads and a ribbon closure...Things to think about...

I'll try to get a picture posted tonight once I wrap this little baby up.