Monday, July 11, 2005

One Skein Wonder ...

Well, I finally managed to finish up my One Skein Wonder from glampyre last week while on my way to Chicago for a Billy Cogan concert...That is after I frogged out about 2 hours worth of work once I realized that I'd picked up all my stitches on the wrong side of the fabric lol

The lesson I learned from this experience is...Shrugs really aren't meant to be knit from wool...As my itchy armpits can attest...But other than that, I love it...I'm gonna order some more Organic Cotton from Elann and whip up a few more methinks...

This weekend, I whipped up a couch quilt in a frenzy for the bridal shower of a friend...On the morning of the shower...I meant to get it done earlier, but mis-cut the pieces the night before and ruined all my progress so I had to start from scratch 2:00am. I got up early the following morning and managed to finish cutting blocks, stitch it all together and get it ready to go before the shower at 3:00. I ended up really liking the results but in my hurry, forgot to take :-(

On a happy note, I found graphs of Nintendo characters that I'm going to morph into quilt blocks to make the sweetest quilts EVER!!! I'll be certain to take photos of those and post em!


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