Friday, June 24, 2005

Split second knits

Gotta love these remarkably simple knit patterns that only take a matter of hours to go from hank to article of clothing!

I'm working on the One Skein Wonder from glampyre knits...I started it on Wednesday night, and despite a sort of dropped stitch issue at about midnight last night (which I dreamed about, and subsequently woke with the answer for) should be able to finish it in about an hour today.

As soon as I finish, I'll post a picture...And then I'll begin another one in purple for my friend Sara...To replace the felted purse I made for her, but doubled the bottom somehow (making the item sad and disfigured) and therefore never felted. It will only be about 6 months late for her birthday LOL

For my little shrug-let I'm using Cascade 220 in a fresh green apple color...And since I have an abundance of this particular yarn, I'll likely make several in several different colors...Though I would like to make a black one in misty alpaca or Debbie bliss cotton alpaca for dressy occasions, and perhaps embellish with some beads and a ribbon closure...Things to think about...

I'll try to get a picture posted tonight once I wrap this little baby up.


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