Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Rowan disappointment...And subsequent approval

I ordered enough Rowena Polar to knit up a nice cozy sweater for fall before it's gone for good...And the color I wanted according to the online swatches was zucchini green...A vibrant springy green with yellows and a beautiful brightness..Well, it came in the mail yesterday and the color swatch wasn't even CLOSE to accurate...It's a much darker, richer color...And not nearly so vibrant...

At first, I was very disappointed and upset because I bought it on sale and can't return it...But after showing it to my husband (who likes this color better than the swatch anyway) and looking at it in better light, it's growing on me. It's not what I had in mind, but I'm learning to love it. Plus, polar is such a fabulously light and wonderful fiber...I just love it already and want to buy more!

But I'm limiting myself till it goes on MEGA sale or something because my yarn budget is through the roof right now.

Still working on the one skein wonder for me...I ended up frogging all I had done yesterday (about 1/2 way finished) because I kept dropping stitches while trying to pick up other ones...So I gave up and ripped it out...Oh well...This time I'm just being extra careful...No more paying attention to people and television while knitting LOL


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